Stop Foreclosure in Hendersonville

If you are worried about losing your home to foreclosure, there is probably little else you can think about. At the Law Office of Eric K. Fox, we offer services in bankruptcy and mortgage litigation that can help you save your home from foreclosure. So, let's turn the phrase running through your head from "lose house" into "keep house."

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If you would like to learn how to stop foreclosure in Hendersonville, Tennessee, call our law firm to speak with our bankruptcy attorney in a free initial consultation. We can be reached toll free at 888-808-7604 or locally at 615-338-5291.

How Can I Prevent Foreclosure?

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 can allow individuals to keep their homes, depending on the circumstances. For the vast majority of homeowners who are behind on house payments, Chapter 13 is the best available option. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be allowed up to five years to get caught up on your mortgage payments. Our attorney, Eric Fox, can propose a workable repayment plan and get you back on track.

If you have been served with legal papers or notified by your lender that a foreclosure is on your horizon, we can examine your loan paperwork and discuss a variety of foreclosure defense strategies based on your situation.

If one of your strategies involves a bankruptcy, once the initial petition is filed with the bankruptcy court, the judge will issue an automatic stay. The automatic stay makes it illegal for creditors to attempt to collect a debt. This means the foreclosure proceedings will stop.

Have You Been a Victim of Mortgage Fraud?

In this economy, many Americans are learning they have been victims of mortgage fraud. If you are the victim of a predatory lender and are facing foreclosure, talk to our law firm. This is a complicated area of law that we are well-equipped to handle.

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