Stop Creditor Harassment in Tennessee

Do you cringe when you open your mail box? Do you avoid answering your phone — both at home and at work? Has the creditor harassment gone too far and is now interfering with your life? When your debt is overwhelming, it is not just the unpaid bills that weigh heavy on your mind. Every day — often several times a day — you are reminded of your debt by creditors and collections agencies.

You can put an end to those harassing phone calls through filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The Law Office of Eric K. Fox offers personalized legal help to people who want to get a fresh start on their finances.

Put an End to Those Harassing Phone Calls. Call Today.

Would you like to stop creditor harassment in Tennessee? Our law firm would like to help you. Call us today to speak with our bankruptcy attorney in a free initial consultation. We can be reached toll free at 888-808-7604 or locally at 615-338-5291.

If you agree with our approach during your free consultation, you can retain our law firm for no money down in a Chapter 13 (in most cases), or for as little as $100 to start working on your Chapter 7 case which will be applied toward your bankruptcy fees. Once you retain us, from that point on, the Collection Agency creditors have to call us about their claim against you, and they cannot call you under the Fair Debt Collections Act. If they repeatedly violate this law, or the automatic stay later, you should document the calls, and we will sue them.

What Is an Automatic Stay?

When you petition the court for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an automatic stay is imposed on your behalf. This is like a wall between you and your creditors. The automatic stay stops all attempts at debt collection. The harassing phone calls, interest charges, late fees, wage garnishments and lawsuits will stop. The automatic stay makes the creditors go through the court or our law firm to discuss or pursue their claims.

What if I Have Filed an Automatic Stay in the Last Year?

If you have filed an automatic stay in the previous year, the automatic stay will expire in 30 days. Our attorney can file a motion to extend the automatic stay beyond 30 days.

What if the Creditors Keep Calling?

Under the Fair Debt Collections Act, after an automatic stay has been filed, creditors and collections agencies are prohibited from attempting to contact you to collect a debt. If you are still receiving phone calls from your creditors, tell them you have an attorney and they must call our law firm.

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