What Are The Requirements For Bankruptcy Credit Counseling?

When Tennessee residents have overwhelming debt, they are often looking for ways to get a fresh financial start. While many options may be available to a person, filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often a good way to obtain debt relief. People may be aware that there are many necessary requirements to fulfil before they […]

Exercise Your Rights When Creditors Take Action

When people fall behind on payments to creditors, creditors will take action. Depending on the situation, this action can look different. In some cases, creditors might engage in harassing phone calls to debtors. In other cases, creditors might work to repossess or foreclose on property. Or, creditors might take a person to court to collect […]

Tennessee Residents Get Checks After Foreclosure Settlement

In difficult economic times, people hope that they can meet all their financial obligations. However, there are times when that just isn’t possible. While there are some safety nets that can provide debt relief, there are times when people face losing their possessions. In particular, people’s homes can often be at risk if they cannot […]